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Pramila jayapal

“This is my home City Council district and I know Maren Costa will serve our district well and stand up for poor and working people across Seattle, but that’s what she’s always done,” said Rep. Jayapal. “Before I ran for office, I was an organizer myself, just like Maren is today. She has an incredible track record of bringing people together, challenging corporate power, and delivering lasting results for our community. Maren has always been a partner for progress in Seattle and I’m proud to support her progressive campaign that rejects corporate PAC money and will defeat the big special interest money that's flooding city council races across the city.”

Costa is good on the issues. She supports the most progressive growth plan, she wants people to come in contact with cops as infrequently as possible, she would propose a local capital gains tax, and she plans to take money from the sweeps budget and put it toward affordable housing. Failing to put Costa in this seat means we’ll likely get none of that. 
"Costa is now running to bring her tenacity and experience in management to city hall.... Costa's experience managing million-dollar budgets and successfully advocating for corporate climate action makes her stand out as a progressive among the top candidates in the district.
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Her values and clear support for equitable climate policy, labor rights, and public transportation provide her with a solid framework through which to evaluate decisions.... Her opponents do not come close to matching her qualifications or vision."
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Individual Endorsers


*Organizations listed for identification purposes only

All six former D1 candidates:

Phil Tavel, District Court Judge

Preston Anderson, LICSW, MPA

Stephen Brown, President, Eltana Bagels

Lucy Barefoot, Outreach Specialist, Office of the Secretary of State of Washington

Mia Jacobsen, Longshoreman

Jean Craciun, Founder & President of Diversity Center of Washington

Elected Officials:

Pramila Jayapal, U.S. Representative

Leslie Harris, Seattle School Board Director for District 6

Gina Topp, Attorney & Candidate for Seattle School Board

Krystal Marx, Candidate for Burien City Council

Teresa Mosqueda, Seattle City Councilmember

Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Councilmember

Jim Street, former Seattle City Councilmember

Larry Gossett, former Seattle City Councilmember

Mike O'Brien, Former Seattle City Councilmember

Nick Licata, Former Seattle City Councilmember

Michael McGinn, Former Seattle Mayor

Mona Das, former State Senator

Brady Walkinshaw, former State Representative

Community Leaders:

Dominique Davis, CEO of Community Passageways

Maria Ramirez, Chair, Duwamish Valley Affordable Housing Coalition*

Lisa Daugaard, Co-Executive Director, Purpose. Dignity. Action.*

Christian Poulsen, Duwamish River Community Coalition*

Shemona Moreno, Executive Director of 350 Seattle*

Carla Rogers, former Chair of the 34th Democrats*

Gianna Puerini, former Amazon Vice President*

Rachel Glass, Founder of Hate Free Delridge*

Karen Richter, Co-President of Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action*

Becka Johnson Poppe, King County Budget Policy Manager*

Faye Guenther, UFCW 21 President*

Katie Garrow, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of MLK Labor Council

Katie Wilson, General Secretary of Transit Riders Union and renter advocate

Nicole Grant, Political Director of IBEW 46

Tom Lambro, Political and Legislative Director of UFCW 3000

Leonard Smith, Director of Organizing and Strategic Campaigns for Teamsters Local 117

Karen Estevinin, Executive Director of PROTEC17

Charlene Kahn, Community Advocate

Candace O'Neil, Community Advocate

Ashby Hayes, Former CTO, Democratic National Training Committee*

Cary Moon, Activist & Organizer, former Mayoral Candidate

Robert Cruikshank, Chair, Sierra Club Seattle

Emily Carmichael, Executive Director of Emerge Washington*

Bo McClung, Climate Campaigner & Labor Organizer

Paul Loeb, Author, Soul of a Citizen & The Impossible Will Take a Little While

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“Too many politicians are afraid to stand up to corporations, even when they know it’s the right thing to do. That’s not Maren Costa. She fought back against an unjust and illegal termination by the largest corporation in the world and she won.... We need more fighters like Maren in elected office.

-UFCW 3000

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